"Most conferences and talks turn out to be nothing more than a sneaky sales pitch, someone saying a whole bunch of buzz words and phrases or just a very dull talk lacking imagination and originality.

Which is why I started CRAP Talks; an open platform where attendees are welcomed and even encouraged to contribute a session to discuss, present, share, show or talk about an idea. This is an unconference style event so anyone can nominate themselves to speak, no experience needed.

We don't care if you're not a seasoned presenter, this is a great opportunity to share in a positive environment.

The talks can be on anything analytics, data, conversion optimisation, product related or they can just be an idea you think is worth sharing. The only requirements are passion and originality."

-Bhav (founder)

CRAP #7 May 1st


John Tullis
John Tullis
Admissions Analyst
University of Edinburgh

John is a data analyst at the University of Edinburgh. His talk will draw on a variety of open source geospatial datasets to show why maps and geographic insight are just as important as tables and databases for understanding customer behaviour. John will be building live workflows using the up-and-coming data science platform ‘Alteryx’. This session will appeal to anyone who wants to unlock location-based patterns in their data. John is a geographer by trade, with an MSc and PhD in Geographical Information Science from the University of Nottingham.

Tom Kerwin
Lightning Talk
Alice Newton-Rex
Alice Newton-Rex
VP Of Product

Alice is Vice President of Product at WorldRemit, a service which helps users send millions of pounds to family and friends around the world each month. Alice sets the product vision for the 90-person product and engineering team at WorldRemit, and leads the product and UX team to invent, design and deliver new products and features that meet the needs of users in over 140 countries. Alice holds a double first MA from the University of Cambridge and a Henry Fellowship from Harvard University



Starting from  07:00 PM

Registration, Beer & Chat

Because we always run on a Tuesday after work we know that a cold beer is your first priority, so come in, grab a beer and say hello to whoever is around.

Starting from  07:20 PM

Introduction: Bhavik Patel


Starting from  07:30 PM

Keynote I: John Tullis


Starting from  08:05 PM

Keynote II: Tom Kerwin

Starting from  08:20 PM

Keynote III: Alice Newton-Rex

Starting from  08:45 PM

Wrap Up: Bhavik Patel


Starting from  09:00 PM



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