CRAP Talks 14 Exclusive with Ammar Jawad

Ammar Jawad, Personalisation and Machine Learning Product Manager at will be joining an exciting list of expert speakers at this month’s upcoming CRAP Talk, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, July 31st .

Here’s what you can expect from Ammar’s talk:

Ammar’s experience
Known across the industry as an AI Product Manager and an AI practitioner, Ammar has participated in numerous data science competitions over the years. More recently, he competed against 10,000 data science enthusiasts in the Facebook AI Research PyTorch Challenge on computer vision, where he landed in the top 3 percent!

Ammar is originally a Syrian refugee and is entirely self-taught in machine learning, having completed over 50 online courses on statistics, coding and machine learning. Supporting a network of 80 mentees in his spare time – it’s fair to say that he understands the importance of sharing his knowledge in relatable terms while offering actionable next steps.

What Ammar will share with you at CRAP Talks 14
Ammar will cover the culmination of product design, product development, data collection and capture, and AI.

  • Mapping customer problems to Machine Learning solutions
    “By now, most people understand the basics of Machine Learning, and product management. But today, the challenge many are facing is to bridge that gap and solve significant customer problems across the user journey. During my talk, I’ll provide examples on how we can solve end-to-end customer problems.”“In addition to this, I will explore how we can best use machines to augment our weaknesses as humans while demonstrating the importance of humans-in-the-loop to take over where machines struggle. Moreover, I’ll cover instances of when to use machine learning and when not to.”
  • The importance of UX and data capture in the AI era
    “I’ll be showing how data capture techniques are central to ML acceleration, and how UX can enrich machine learning models.”
  • Evaluation metrics and unintended consequences
    “Finally, I will cover the importance of having cross-functional conversations when deciding on the evaluation metrics used in machine learning models, and unintended consequences of using proxy metrics.”

 Connecting with Ammar
Ammar will be available after his talk to speak with attendees, and will be happy to offer solutions to any challenges you may be currently experiencing.

CRAP Talks 14
Date: Wednesday, July 31st
Time: 6:45pm – 9:15pm
Location: Busuu offices, 50 Finsbury Square, Finsbury, London EC2A 1HD

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