A Love Affair With Experiments

A poem about AB Testing

Sometimes we’re normal
Symmetrical around Mu
But like yin and yang,
Positive to negative
Sometimes we skew

Like a null hypothesis
you love to reject me.
And all because you believe,
That we’re just an example
Of two different samples
From two different populations,
But if we put aside our differences
We can create a better hypothesis

You’re seeing things
That just don’t exist
But the things that are real
You continue to miss.
This isn’t a mistake
Just look in the mirror
What you’re seeing is random
It’s a type 1 error

You say I’m needy,
I’d say I’m dependent
Your p-value’s been abused
Now you’re isolated and independent
Trust me you’re not alone
This relationship
It can be mended

This isn’t categorical
It’s not binary things aren’t
black and white.
I’m not being disingenuous
it’s 50 shades of grey
Passionate and continuous

Even two different standard deviations
Can have the same mean.
Let’s not reject each other
You and me, we’re not that different
We’re strong and powerful.
And these differences,
They’re statistically insignificant

 — Bhav


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