CRAP TALKS #7 - MAY 1ST 2018

CRAP stands for Conversion Rate, Analytics and Product. We're a meetup group made up of almost a 1000 members.

We've developed our own style over the last 6 events, we call it, "two talks and a speaker". The idea is simple, the first two talks are useful, informational, practical, case studies, tips and tricks or just some cool stuff that is industry focused. The third talk is something unexpected and unrelated to the world of CRAP.

The two talks are anything analytics, data, conversion rate optimisation or product related. We created the event with the audience in mind which means we hand-select speakers and ensure that no one is selling or pitching tools, products or services. Our mission is to ensure that you walk away with at least one great talk.

The final speaker is usually someone with an idea or story to share. We hope that this final talk will broaden your horizons and give you an insight into a world outside of the day to day.